I will encourage you to visualize your goals and future successes with the right enthusiasm to enjoy the path we will take together.

Each coaching session is tailor-made and outlined together at the start of the journey while remaining flexible to adjust to changing needs.

What Do I Offer?

To move forward to achieve your full potential by achieving desired goals and working through career or personal challenges.

To Increase self-esteem, build a strong self-image and create a positive outlook on life.

To improve communication with others and to learn vital skills to build and maintain healthy relationships.

To identify and apply appropriate strategies to reach professional goals.

Step-by-Step approach

What they say about me

S.G. (Giornalista)
S.G. (Journalist)
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“Ho cercato la consulenza di Rossana perché ero in un momento di confusione soprattutto dal punto di vista professionale. Diventare madri significa anche reinventarsi lavorativamente. Rossana mi ha aiutato a trovare nuove energie nel mio lavoro, a mettere a fuoco i miei prossimi obiettivi e a trovare il giusto metodo per organizzare la mia giornata.”
G.G. (Investment Manager)
G.G. (Investment Manager)
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“Rossana is an absolutely amazing coach. I would highly recommend her. During my session, I loved how she listened to me and with her insightful questions, helped me be more aware of my own thoughts. Thanks to her, I am now motivated to bring forward many projects I had in the back of mind. Thank you Rossana!”
M.H. (Mamma a tempo pieno)
M.H. (Full time mum)
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“My health coaching session with Rossana was positive and empowering. I appreciate how she took the time to understand my issues and to help me create a clear plan of how to plan my week ahead and to tackle the things causing stress in my life.”
V.F. (Avvocato)
V.F. (Lawyer)
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“Rossana is fantastic. She listens kindly and without judgement and gives gentle, experienced guidance to help you recognise areas of your life that need more support. My sessions with her have really helped pinpoint ‘mental blocks’ that were affecting day to day life, and I felt motivated to action them. You’ll come away from each session feeling like a weight has been lifted. Highly recommend, thank you Rossana!”